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14 August 2012 @ 12:50 pm
Title: 127 days
Author: lovelyabu
Genre: Angst
Rating: G
Pairing: Hikaru x Inoo x Yabu
Warning: AU, failed English
Summary: When the pain is unbearable…
A/N: The idea of this fic is come from吴建豪 (wu jian hao) my favorite Chinese singer PV “127 days”. If you guys know this PV you surely know this story…

I wish I could just see you right know lying on my armsCollapse )

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05 June 2012 @ 01:31 pm
Title: wrong

Author: Lovelyabu

Genre: crack

Rating: G

Oneday, when all jump member have nothing to do in their life because not so long ago their dancing instructor told them that the practice will postpone untill the end of lunch time. Their instructor also called for Yabu and Takaki to do something with him related to their group schedule. All 7 member as soon as the announcement release dash off to somewhere. They talked about the new cafe in front of Jimusho. Maybe they go to try the cake there.

So, there are only this 3 particular BEST member left in the practice room and the 3 of them really doing nothing but only play with their cellphone.
Suddenly there is a message pop up in Hikaru and Kei's cellphone:

'You were invited to do a confrence chat by Pocky_addict.

Pocky_addict: I want to go to qingdao...

Rockin'theworld: hahahaha, why is so sudden?

Pocky_addict: I really miss the situation of that place.

Puripurity: Dai-chan is right...went to qingdao is really amazing experience in my life.

Rockin'theworld: I want to go to china again, but please can we go to the different place? Shanghai maybe...

Pocky_addict: ahhh, no...there are many places that we haven't go. We even haven't go to Laoshan.

Puripurity: yes... I agree to dai-chan. I didn't have a chance to go to the bear factory.

Rockin'theworld: ne...kei-chan~ it's beer maybe, not bear...

Pocky_addict: hahahaha, Inoo-chan you make a mistake again.

Puripurity: hahahaha, I forget... I mean beer, I'm thinking about china's bear just now so I said a wrong word.

Rockin'theword:ano... Kei-chan~ China has panda not Bear.

Pocky_addict: hahahahahaha (Roll on the floor). You're so funny Inoo-chan...

Puripurity: >.<

'Puripurity has signed out from the chat board'

"Hika no baka..." Kei yelled at Hikaru and dash off from the room.

"Ore??? What did I do?" Hikaru was dumbfounded with the sudden action of his friend.

Meanwhile, Daiki just laughing hard until he fall from the couch where he was sitting.

21 April 2012 @ 07:44 pm

Title: 好久不见 (Long Time No See)


Genre: Romance

Rating: G

Pairing: Hikanoo .

Summary: He just come back to the place and want to meet him…

好久不见Collapse )

A/N: this fic inspired by Eason Chan’s Song好久不见 (Hao Jiu Bu Jian). The first time I listened to this song was in my listening class in Qingdao College (China). I use the translation of the lyric.

19 April 2012 @ 11:21 am

Title: If it were me…

Author: lovelyabu

Requester: vitong

Genre: Angst

Rating: G

Pairing: Hikabu, Yabunoo, Matsunoo

Summary: I love you, but you never see me…  

Hika, have you ever fall in love with someone?Collapse )

A/N : Part of this story is a true story of vitong... Hope you like it Vit...


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14 April 2012 @ 06:45 pm

Title: Goodbye

Author: lovelyabu

Genre: Angst

Rating: G

Pairing: Yabunoo

Summary: This is their goodbye

Goodbye..Collapse )


A/N: Mirirince my best friend...your word gives me an inspiration... Thank you...

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13 April 2012 @ 09:50 pm

Title: Misunderstanding

Author: lovelyabu

Beta-ed: vitong

Genre: Romance (I don’t know)

Rating: G

Pairing: Tadaiki, Inoodai (friendship), slight Nakachi, Yabunoo

Warning: Inoo and Daiki are girls here.

Summary: She is jealous…

Hollaaa...Collapse )


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25 March 2012 @ 10:43 am

Title: Days with you


Genre: Romance

Rating: G

Pairing: Tadaiki, Yabunoo, Inoodai (friendship),

Warning: failed English and totally sucks. Inoo and Daiki are girls here.

Summary: How Takaki will get Daiki’s Love?

A/N: The whole idea of this fic came from vitong, I just try to make it happens. Hope you like it...

“Ne…Bakaki, when will you confess to Dai-chan?”Collapse )

“Ne…Bakaki, when will you confess to Dai-chan?”Collapse )

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30 January 2012 @ 09:42 pm

Title: Between love and love

Author:  vitong and lovelyabu

Pairing: Hikanoobu

Rating: G

Genre: Romance

Warnings: Failed English , Failed Story. Again our tandem story....

Summary:  Just read it. It’s short.

A/N: Otanjobi omedetou YABU KOTA

"kou-channnn....wakes up?"Collapse )

"kou-channnn....wakes up?"Collapse )

"kou-channnn....wakes up?"Collapse )

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24 December 2011 @ 11:17 pm
Title: Pool

Author: vitong and lovelyabu

Pairing: Hikanoobu

Rating: PG-15

Genre: Comedy

Warnings: Failed English , Failed Story. It’s our first attempt to make tandem story. So it’s kinda suck a little. No, it absolutely suck. Who cares.. :p

Summary:  Just read it. It’s short.

"What are you doing Hikka?!"Collapse )

Comments are loved..^^

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